TraqCloud uses a combination of cutting edge GPS technology and market leading cellular GSM technology to share locations in real time. This allows you to see the unit(s) you are tracking at any point in time via the Web, Mobile or Tablet.

The unit has built in 360 degree antennas for both GPS and GSM which allows the unit to work in any orientation. The proprietary antenna design allows unbelievable operation. It has been tested and works great in every location we could think of such as in the engine compartment under the metal car hood, upside down in the car trunk, under the driver’s seat, etc… We would love to hear your story and if you can find a place it does not work!

The RMS accuracy is stated to be +- 15 feet, but we typically see it +- 3 feet.

Use of the unit is very simple. You just turn it on and watch it go via web, mobile or tablet. For the basic user, there is nothing to program and no software to install. Advanced users do have the ability to configure things such as frequency of data transmission up to every 10 seconds.

Here is an example of someone caught speeding:

GPS Tracking of Speed Limit

Here is an example of real time tracking:

GPS Real Time Tracking

Here is an example of a bread crumb trail (speeding in red):

GPS Tracking with Crumb Trail

Here is an example of a geo fence which will send an alert if the TraqCloud leaves this area:

GPS Tracking with Geo Fence

Free Counters
Free Counters